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Ways to Build your flight time

Building your flight time is your major challenge to start your aviation career. In this post I will cover some of the best ways to build your flight experience.

  1. Become a Flight instructor: There's a saying that teaching is the best form of learning, become a CFI is the number one solution and the most popular, The amount of hours you will log monthly are going to be determined Depending how many licenses (CFI,CFII,MEI) you have and where you work . To become a CFI you really must study hard but once you gain your licenses you will be building your time and making some income while helping others to learn to fly. remind some else training and life is your main resposability, National average earning CFI Licenses are between US $4000 Just CFI TO US $13.000 For the three licenses (CFI,CFII,MEI)
  2. Share rental plane cost: in most locals FBO or flight schools you could rent a small piston airplane such as a cessna 152 for less than 80 dollars hour wet and in some cases you will be able to rent the plane by week if you flight a least 25 hours, remember split the cost in two with a friend or find some one who wants to build flight time too, there are even some places in south florida where offer 100 hours time building packages with a safety pilot for under US$4000 dollars.
  3. Safety Pilot: Sometimes a pilot need to a do fly with safety pilot in order to maintain current a license or rating like do 3 take off and landing or shut 3 instruments aproaches, go to a local airport FBO and ask or put a message on internet maybe someone interesting.
  4. Volunteering Fly for free:  Offer yourself to in a non-profit organization like the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) that operates a small fleet of airplanes for seacrh and rescue operations, also a good way to build flight time is flying in a religion or non religion missionery  flights organization in some cases and A&P license is necessary.
  5. Banner towing:  you would be able to get a job with as low as 280 hours and get paid for your fliying time but in most cases you will need a banner towing training program that compliance with F.A.R. 91.113 and a tail wheel endorsement, training investment cost is something around US$3000 dollars.
  6. Aerial Photography: There are few opportunities but in some locals airport there are aerial photography businesses that offer services to real states companies or you can also fly for a professional photographer.
  7. Traffic watch pilot: some cities have traffic watch air companies that make reports for news and radio stations, you can get a job with a as low as 300 hours and your comercial license, you will be generally fliying a cessna 172 twice a day monday to friday on high peak traffic times.
  8. Skydiver Pilot: Some local skidiver companies required 500 hours TT because insurance policies, but sometimes you can get hired with less hours you just need to do your best research
  9. Aircraft Ferry Pilots:This is an amazing way to build your flight time and log a good amount of cross country hours fast, also it give you the opportunity to fly to new and wonderful places, there are some ferry pilot companies hiring low time pilots, but the best way to do it is doing it yourself offering your service on the internet or creating your website, there are many airplane buyers that needs to move a plane from one state to another state or even to other country; there a good market of delivering airplanes to south america and the caribbean.
  10. Aircraft Sales:Become an aircfraft saler you will be able to log some hours and make some income showing an airplane to potential buyers.
  11. Fly in other countries:There is a need of pilots specially in asia, the asia growing economics are sucking all the pilots from the rest of the world, by 2030 just the asia-pacific zone region is expected to have huge demand for aviation personnel a least 185.000 new pilot positions, in most places you wil have to convert your FAA liceses to local licenses, as a low time pilot forget a bout big companies start your searchfrom the bottom in small regional or charter carriers. also read my blogpost about low time bush pilot opportunities in africa here
  12. Buy a airplane: Time build in your own or share airplane. you can get a good small single engine operating low cost airplane such as a cessna 152,172 or a piper cherokeee for lower than $30.000 dollars on or, buy it yourself or with a friend that also wants to time build and share aircraft operational cost, after you finish doing the hours you want put the plane back on sale and recover your investmentHere's a secret: Many flight schools don't even own their own airplanes.Instead, they back-lease aircraft from private owners, who get a share of the operation profit. If you'd like to own a airplane and make some cash at the same time, you might want to look into a back-lease program with a local flight school be careful check any contract agreement before you take this option.

Ok guys here you have12 ways of build your flight time, want to share your own experience or have any comments, please leave them below. thank you

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